This is something we need to seriously think about, because obviously the people who make the laws didn’t. We now have alternative ways to treat pain thrown at us that is supposed to help or eliminate pain.I do not believe it will. There are so many types of pain and us with fibro and me/cfs , arthritis, lupus, M.S. and so many more diseases that I can’t begin to name them all. And these pains are not temporary. They do not go away. We are burdened with them for life. And it is a hard life to try and live. Our families are damaged by our pain. Relationships  end because of pain and the financial burden.  Since the government here in the United States won’t let us have narcotics, they should have to pay for alternative pain care. Like the heat  patches and ice packs and millions of Tylenol and Ibuprofen we will have take, delivered to our homes since we do not feel like driving to the pharmacy to pick them up.

If our backs hurt will they send a masseuse, an acupuncturist , and chiropractor to our home on a dailey basis until we feel better and pay for it ??But remember, we will never be rid of the pain, it will continue til our life ends.How about physical therapy. Are they also coming to our home and be paid for by the people who took away our pain meds??

Will they pay to outfit our homes with the equiptment that physical therapist use like Whirlpool tubs, swimming pools, treadmills, stationary bikes etc.. Will they pay for  in home yoga classes some of us need to stretch and strengthen our body. Anyone think of anything else ??? Booze?🍷instead of pills?

Have they even given a minute of thought to how we are supposed to pay for all this alternative health care. And have they thought about how they are going to transport people if they don’t have them come to our homes, to all these places we need to go to to get these treatment since we are too much pain to drive because  without  pain meds ????

Sseriously, they are never going to pay for all those things and neither can we. So the alternative is this. United States Gov. Please give us back our lives by letting doctors write prescriptions for pain meds. We are not ready to stop living yet. We have a pretty bleak existance anyway with all the problems pain causes, so please help us fight this burden of pain and give us back our meds.

As always “friends I’ve never met, I hope for you to find peace in a very unpeaceful world. There are people out there who care. Maybe not our govenment or even many of our doctors. But in the support groups on Twitter and Face Book there are thousands of people who care and are happy for you to share your experiences . We are not alone”  Until next time, peace….