This is me. No I didn’t write it. I don’t write this well. So thank you “brokendownbody”! Thank you for describing how I feel.
This definitely needs reblogging!! Now let’s all pay attention and read quietly in case someone needs it explained to them. Although this is very straight forward ,i m o.

broken down body

I wish pain was luminous green like a glow stick, or at the very least more like the people in adverts with the glowing red blobs that are going to be banished thanks to a pill or gel. If everyone could see pain then there would be no doubt and people with unexplained pain would not be judged at first glance to be drug seekers or hypochondriacs. People like me who have widespread pain wouldn’t have to pick one thing to complain about, to the exclusion of all of the other ailments that plague us at that moment in time.

I wrote a paragraph about the precise pains I deal with day in, day out and then I realised that I don’t need to explain myself, at least not to the people who are likely to read my blog.

It’s not that I want to constantly complain about everything, but…

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