A World without PAIN MEDS

This is something we need to seriously think about, because obviously the people who make the laws didn’t. We now have alternative ways to treat pain thrown at us that is supposed to help or eliminate pain.I do not believe it will. There are so many types of pain and us with fibro and me/cfs , arthritis, lupus, M.S. and so many more diseases that I can’t begin to name them all. And these pains are not temporary. They do not go away. We are burdened with them for life. And it is a hard life to try and live. Our families are damaged by our pain. Relationships  end because of pain and the financial burden.  Since the government here in the United States won’t let us have narcotics, they should have to pay for alternative pain care. Like the heat  patches and ice packs and millions of Tylenol and Ibuprofen we will have take, delivered to our homes since we do not feel like driving to the pharmacy to pick them up.

If our backs hurt will they send a masseuse, an acupuncturist , and chiropractor to our home on a dailey basis until we feel better and pay for it ??But remember, we will never be rid of the pain, it will continue til our life ends.How about physical therapy. Are they also coming to our home and be paid for by the people who took away our pain meds??

Will they pay to outfit our homes with the equiptment that physical therapist use like Whirlpool tubs, swimming pools, treadmills, stationary bikes etc.. Will they pay for  in home yoga classes some of us need to stretch and strengthen our body. Anyone think of anything else ??? Booze?🍷instead of pills?

Have they even given a minute of thought to how we are supposed to pay for all this alternative health care. And have they thought about how they are going to transport people if they don’t have them come to our homes, to all these places we need to go to to get these treatment since we are too much pain to drive because  without  pain meds ????

Sseriously, they are never going to pay for all those things and neither can we. So the alternative is this. United States Gov. Please give us back our lives by letting doctors write prescriptions for pain meds. We are not ready to stop living yet. We have a pretty bleak existance anyway with all the problems pain causes, so please help us fight this burden of pain and give us back our meds.

As always “friends I’ve never met, I hope for you to find peace in a very unpeaceful world. There are people out there who care. Maybe not our govenment or even many of our doctors. But in the support groups on Twitter and Face Book there are thousands of people who care and are happy for you to share your experiences . We are not alone”  Until next time, peace….


Well ok, its the 15 of August and usually the hottest time of year here. I can’t stand the heat with this fms/mecfs. I think my shingles like the heat, they always pop out like they want to participate. So in turn, I stay in ALL summer. Yes, I really do. I am able health wise to make the trips to Wal-Mart at night, (if my pain isn’t too bad)when all the handi cap parking spaces are not full. And yes I can walk in the store , But coming out is a huge issue somedays. The walking around in the store may wear me out to the point of “get out of my way, I’m going to puke”! Note: if you say puke instead of throw- up, they move faster. Thats what happens to me if I get hot and too tired. I  puke my guts up every where. And sometimes its projectile vomiting. Thats when I resemble Linda Perle.     I also do the same thing in heated swimming pools,saunas, showers and hot tubs !! Yes it’s a wild life around here!!  I sneak to the car turn it on, (hoping a neighbor doesn’t see me and want to stand and talk for ever)and the air conditioner, ease back in trying not to get hot and wait at least 10 mins. before I go to see if it is worthy of my delicate body yet.    So,,,Thats fun during summer for me. Oh I almost forgot. I do go tan !  Same process getting in the car. I call the tanning place and ask if they are busy. Then I ask for the coolest bed there, one No one has been in for a few hours. Then I gather up extra fans to put in the room I’m in plus the ones already in there.Every one ask me why do I tan ?? Easy, fat looks a lot better tan than snow white. Might even fool the eye into thinking I have lost weight. And we all know I actually gained 4lbs last weekend.    Thanks honey,, the brownies you made were so good !! :-) I think thats all for now. Lets hear some of your “hot”an”sweaty”FMS/ME/CFS stories. And how you deal with heat in fms/me/cfs……




Well, I don’t know if it’s a miracle or what ? But after 5 yrs of not getting to go home to KY, 8hrs from my home in Alabam,I am here !!!  I finally had acouple of good days and said I’m going home.  

Got out of bed and said I need to spend time with my 90yr. Mom. She has fallen again. She is doing great considering. Makes me feel like a wimp. She is a determined old gal. Her reasoning is, If I don’t know what something is ,it’s not making me sick !! She has lived her life that way. She recently told me her and her 9 brotherd and sisters slept on beds made of straw. And back then , They really did go to school barefoot ! They also carried cans as their lunch boxes. And they lived in a “hollar”. None of them finished any year of school, they want thru 6th grade when they didn’t have to help at home with the babies and pick cotton.This is not a joke. And she is the strongest and determined person I know . And she is so smart. Has all these sayings that  have found to be completely true !

I came in from going to the grocery for her and she was watching Doc Martin !!! One of my favorite shows !! I was shocked. Then she went on to tell me all the other British shows she watches. I wish she understood how to use HULU , she would love it. Ok totally off subject. I think what I’m trying to say is how can I expect her to understand my illnesses if she refuses to have an illness. She just walks everything off. There is nothing she can’t walk off ..She has had pain for years, but doc couldn’t figure it out so he just said take Tylenol. She did. Never missed work, a very loud factory from where she came nearly every day, with a horible migraine, and hurting all over,?. , So, she has many of the symptoms I have but except she has never been diagnosed with anything but migraine and a bad back and no she wasn’t as sick as I am, I think, but what if she is? What if she just handles it differently??? She even had colon cancer surgery. But her way to get better is to “walk it off” !!!No I don’ t really thin that’s it. MY point is,,,,,,My mom is a tough ‘ol broad. And full of love for her family. And thank goodness I am one of them. Yes I am yaving a vacation of sorts from the burning, stabbing, achimg, spasm, debilitating fatigue,,,,and just all over feel  like shit ! Don’t get me wrong, I still hurt I still get spells of debillitating fatigue. But I can still do more than I could 2 weeks ago. 

 Two weeks ago I couldn’t stay out of bed? I also barely had the energy to go to the bathroom. This is scarry? What if it gets over before I can get back home???What about my poor helpless,haha, hubby, I have faith, he will figure it out, has a pretty smart guy. But for a little longer I will stay with my mon and help her as much as I can. Or she will help me. 

Sweat dreams everyone and I hope everyone gets a break soon. Even a little helps…